Equatorial Guinea Dating Culture

Africa is one of the most incredible continents on our planet. There are problems of poverty, anti-sanitation and slow development on the background of beautiful views, hot climate, virgin lands, wonderful people with authentic culture, history and atmosphere.  To begin with, many people know Guinea only as a country with beggars, but kind, hospitable and generous people.

Frankly speaking, values and dating etiquette here differ a lot from familiar European and American standards. But what is the essence of modern technology if not the opportunity to learn more about the magical world of exotic countries and their inhabitants? After all, in the 21st century should not exist any fears, stereotypes, race or gender discrimination.

So, what can be said about women from Guinea and dating in Equatorial Guinea? An African lady can be easily compared to a wild panther because her movements are so free, precise and graceful as a cat’s. Moreover, African women have beautiful chiseled figures, like figurines. Most often they have large breasts, wide hips, a flat stomach, and a thin waist. Such a combination together with dark skin, white teeth, and thick hair creates the image of a hot predator. Their beauty is not inferior to either Europeans or Latin.

   Dating Tips

There is a short guide about how women from Guinea cope with the household. Girls from Africa are hard-working and strong. Their duties are:

  •  work the fields;
  •  carry vegetables, fruits, spices, water;
  •  collect firewood;
  •  cook;
  •  wash my hands;
  •  take care of the family.

Traditionally, partners do not share duties. Usually, men graze cattle, control the work of women or work. A man is recognized as the head of the family unless it is a tribe with its elder man.

It is important to note that African ladies prefer traditional clothes to modern ones. The most popular and common are skirts and dresses made of bright light fabrics with flowers or geometric shapes. Their delicate arms and necks are adorned with numerous jewelry pieces made of gold. Moreover, they often have large earnings on their ears, eyebrows or nose. If a girl does not have gold jewelry, she wears products made of seashells, stones, wood or bronze. The more girl wears (accessories), the more elegant and beautiful she is thought to be.

Equatorial Guinea Dating Etiquette

It is a well-known fact that girls bind themselves with bonds of marriage at a young age. In Africa, there is no period of courtship. A couple is often chosen and agreed upon by parents of both sides. It is accepted that the most important life goal of every girl is giving birth to a large number of children for procreation.

Men from Africa are also well-known for a great reproductive function and because of this are popular among Slavic people. A family is an important value for most Africans, so they try not to break the equatorial Guinea dating rules that have existed for years.

Dating equatorial guinea girl is real and possible thanks to online dating platforms. There is a list of famous sites with good reputations, where acquaintances with African are real: LoverWhirl, LoveSwans, MatchTruly, RomanceTale, VictoriaHearts, Valentime, JollyRomance.

If you think that online dating is not effective because of the passive usage of the Internet in Africa, do not hurry to give up this option. Many women leave Africa and move to other countries, so there is a chance to meet your love. Often they are not satisfied with life conditions or their condition in society. They are searching for supportive, hot, caring men with leadership qualities.


It is very clear from these observations that women from Guinea have docile characters, soft temper, kindness, hard-working, sympathy, tolerance and readiness love and be loved. The main rule while dating an African is refusing all stereotypes and being open to the traditions of other nations. Remember, that every nation is special and has its peculiar properties, so it is better to avoid discussing such issues as politic, religion or climate. Besides, a person that wants to have such experience should understand that mentality and attitude to life are going to be different. African is amazing, charming, hot and tender. Do not wait when someone writes to you, start a conversation first!

Frequently Asked Question

  • What do Africans look like? — Women from Guinea are stunning. These are girls with great skin, teeth, hair, and hot bodies.
  • Which values do they have? — A family is always in the first place. Traditionally, they are married before the age of 18 and have 4-5 kids.
  • Why are they looking for love abroad? — Many women are not satisfied with living conditions in Africa, so they move to other countries and are searching for love there.
  • Where can I meet an African? — There is a list of popular dating-sites with excellent feedback and reviews in the article.
  • Which type of relationship do they want to have? — Certainly, each lady has her aim. But most often ladies from Guinea are searching for life-partners and husbands.

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