Equatorial Guinea Women

The first thing to mention is that every international relationship is based on tolerance, patience, compromises, respect, and readiness to accept the traditions of other nations. Nowadays, more and more people are getting bored with communication with the people of the same values or traditions. Men prefer exotic women to girls that have a standard European set of habits and a pattern of behavior.

Among the favorites are girls from equatorial Guinea, Kongo, Algeria, Amazonia, and Latin America. Certainly, there are no many chances to meet such a lady having fun at the local bar or at the bus station. Doubtless, the best option in such cases is online dating and acquaintances on online dating platforms as LoverWhirl, LoveSwans, MatchTruly, RomanceTale, VictoriaHearts, Valentime, JollyRomance.

Dating Tips

Dating equatorial Guinean women practice men because of different reasons. Some want to have such an interesting experience, others want to find future life partners. It is a well-known fact that Africa is certainly a large and beautiful continent with incredible nature and wonders, but living conditions are almost incompatible with a comfortable life. What is more, often this a reason for migration to other countries? African ladies have a flexible and gentle disposition, so they are seeking for men with good self-esteem and such characteristics:

  • ambitious
  • strong-willed
  • curious
  • responsible
  • reliable
  • sober-minded.

Women offer love, attention, solicitude and warm to their future husbands.

Some equatorial Guinea women’s characteristics are as a little guide. Love knows no borders, but it does not deny the fact that there are differences between cultures that can affect relationships. Traditionally, a family is the most important value for African. They are rarely concentred on achieving carrier highs and the main aim of every woman is the birth of children (their many people create families before the age of 18). They have mainly engaged in hunting, processing fields, collecting nuts and fruits. For all domestic work, the woman is responsible, while the man controls the process or works.

African work a lot physically and this is why they have beautiful, strong and fit bodies. Women have to carry bowls with fruits and vegetables on their heads, water for long distances, grind flour and wash things by hands. Women of equatorial Guinea are hard-working, ambitious and patient.

They have something predatory in their blood, so their movements are graceful and smooth. Moreover, many girls could easily become models, because they have stunning bodies, beautiful faces, hair, and teeth. Even men that like European or Slovakian type of appearance, would be impressed by their beauty.

Online Dating Platforms

Equatorial Guinea singles are offered on different dating platforms and applications. There are some tips for beginners or users that have never had accounts on applications for dating. While communicating on the Internet it is important to stay polite, respectful and tolerant. For people that practice international dating it is recommended to avoid discussing such acute issues as politics, religion or gender equality.

Here people can and even should start a conversation first because there are many competitors. Your profile should be interesting and funny, have real information and photos to save the time of people that are not interested in communication with the one who you truly are.

Dating platforms are incredibly simple in usage. The first step every customer should make is getting registered. Registered users have more opportunities including video-chatting, delivery of gifts and full confidentiality of your data. You need to create a password, username, add photos and personal information. Unfortunately, the usage of most dating sites is not free and requires payment. Websites offer the following packages:

1) The discount price 19.99$, the original price is 28.99$. Given credits – 50 (can be purchased 3 times only)

2) Discount price 44.99$, original price 64.99$, Given credits – 125

3) Discount price 69.99$, original price 99.99$, Given credits – 250

4) Discount price 149.99$, original price 214.99$, Given credits – 750


One can say that there are no best options for marriage than women from Guinea. Communication with such a lady is not only a chance to get an experience of online singles or international dating but also a possibility to meet a representative of other traditions, habits, and lifestyle.

Africans would never use you for satisfying their needs, manipulate or lie. They are kinder, more honest and sensitive than other women. Dating such a lady you should not be afraid of being cheated, abused or framed. This is the perfect variant for men that are ready to protect, support and love their partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Africans look like?

Ladies from Guinea are famous for their beauty. These girls have great appearance and bodies. As a rule, they prefer bright clothing made of light fabric with flower print. Also, African like accessories made of gold, wood or bronze.

Which values do Africans have?

Often, they are not interesting in career and a family is the main value for them.

Why are they looking for love abroad?

Life in Africa is not easy because of heat, bad-developed infrastructure and anti-sanitary conditions. Many people move to other countries and start searching for love on the Internet.

Where can I meet an African?

There is a list of excellent dating platforms with great feedback and reviews in the article.

Which type of relationship do they want to have?

Usually, women from Guinea are not looking for short-term relationships and want to find partners for marriage.

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